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Search products

  • Jyxo Nation - web search, covers several european countries
  • Jyxo Image Search - find JPEG, GIF and other pictures
  • Jyxo Shopping Search - products and their prices
  • Jyxo Multimedia Search - music, sounds and video
  • Jyxo Article Search - news, blogs, webzines, RSS feeds
  • Jyxo Business Search - company information with location and contacts
  • Jyxo Data Search - solutions for individual companies, data mining
  • Jyxo Travel Search - find trips

Search Demo

To try it, you can see:
  • demo.jyxo.com - translated english interface to the czech search engine
  • Jyxo.cz - original czech search engine
Want to license search technology?

Search technology licensees

Logo Atlas Logo Telecom Logo Seznam
Atlas.cz (czech #2 portal) Czech Telecom (owned by Telefonica) Seznam.cz (czech #1 portal)
Logo Zoohoo Logo Volný Logo Zoznam
eTarget (PPC provider) Czech On Line Zoznam.sk (slovak #1 portal)
Logo Invia Logo UK Logo Vodafone
Invia.cz (#1 Travel agency) Charles University (founded 1348) Vodafone  

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