Technology licencing

Jyxo licences most of its technology to major search portals, internet providers and advertising networks. If you are interested, Contact us.

Featured partners

Logo Atlas Atlas is long-term the second largest czech portal. All of their search services use Jyxo technology: Web search, Image search and Company search.
Logo Seznam Seznam is the most popular czech web. It uses Jyxo technology for shopping search.
Logo Invia Invia is largest online travel agency in Czech Republic. Search is licensed Jyxo technology.
Logo Zoznam Zoznam is the most popular slovak web. It uses Jyxo as its default search engine.
Logo Vodafone Vodafone is largest mobile operator in the world. It uses Jyxo search on vodafone.cz site.
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Logo eTarget eTarget operates an advertising network of dozens search portals and content providers. Contextual advertising is provided by Jyxo.
Logo Toxeo Crazy Tomato offers mobile content on its Toxeo sites in Great Britain and Czech Republic. Jyxo provides the underlying technology.
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